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Stunning Home Makeover in North Falmouth!

The design aesthetic of Farm Home Co. is rooted in bright, welcoming white tones and natural, salvaged materials, and that’s something that Lisa and Tyson brought to this project in North Falmouth. “The fresh white paint made all the difference,” says Lisa with a laugh. 

Lisa and Tyson worked side-by-side with Lisa’s father, Jack Mara, throughout the redesign. For her, it was a special moment to be able to work in tandem with her father to renovate a space that means so much to both of them—Jack even put down the paint brush momentarily to take the gorgeous photos of the end result, featured here in these pages and on Farm Home Co.’s website. “It was important to me to be able to spend that time with him and now to be able to enjoy the home we created with him too,” says Lisa.

“My favorite part is right when you walk in,” says Lisa, who explains that the home is now available as a rental during select days in the summer. “Seeing that open layout has this overwhelming feeling of warmth right away. And then, when you get to the back of the house, there’s this great moment when the sliding barn door opens on this room with vaulted ceilings—I can just imagine a little kid walking in and getting excited to claim this room as their own. That moment, paired with that very first feeling of relaxation, is what I think makes this home special.”

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