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Stunning Home Makeover in North Falmouth!

Together, this family team put their touch on almost every room in the house, breathing new life into the space with beams wrapped in cedar, a new vaulted ceiling in one of the bedrooms, white wood paneling on the walls and light grey and taupe accents throughout. The front room presented the biggest challenge. “We must have moved the television 100 times over the years to find the best place to watch the Red Sox,” says Lisa with a laugh. “I think a lot of Cape houses struggle with how to define an open layout like that. With this project, we were able to reconfigure that room and find a layout that really gave it some footing.” 

Between Lisa’s eye for detail, Tyson’s skills as an engineer and Jack’s careful finishing touches, the end result is a home that the whole family can enjoy—one that respects the storied history of the space, the unique memories each family member has of the space, and, of course, the gorgeous coastal location. “It’s a space that we’ve all enjoyed together throughout the years,” says Lisa, “and one that we can continue to have fun in going forward—stress free!”

“I’m a very disciplined, organized person, and the second I cross the bridge there’s this overwhelming feeling of relaxation. For me, that’s what this project was all about—sharing that time and that relaxation with my dad,” Lisa says. “There’s something that’s just really special about that Cape Cod feeling, and that’s what we wanted to create for ourselves and to share with other families.” If these walls could talk, they’d surely have plenty to say about the family that has made sure the home is loved for generations.

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