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On Point In Onset

“We opened on January 17, 2019, so this will be our third summer. COVID definitely threw us a curveball, but we adapted,” Salerno says of the difficulty of 2020. “It was tricky at first and we stopped business to assess the situation. But just like everyone else, we couldn’t do anything. Once the restrictions started to lift and we had a plan in place, we opened back up, adhering to the restrictions. We didn’t open the rooms up right away, it wasn’t allowed, but we’ve really bounced back, even with lowered capacity limits. We were able to stay up and running and do really well.”

Looking to the future, Salerno hopes to carry on the building’s legacy. “We want to keep that history alive, of bringing people together and creating a nice space for people. We’re hosting weddings, and we’ve purchased the building next to us, which will give us more space for such events. We’d love to become a wedding destination.” With properties around Onset, all within walking distance of the Glen Cove, Salerno’s hopes are in reach, once gatherings can be at full capacity, of course. With the restaurants in the hotel, as well as the Salerno Seaside Function Hall and Onset Beach nearby, the Glen Cove Hotel and its team will create the perfect day for any couple.

Like most people, Salerno and his team can’t wait for a return to normal, if only for one perk: music. “We had gotten very involved in live music, specifically the blues. In 2019 and into 2020, we had live blues bands playing every Friday and Saturday night. It brought in the traveling/tourist crowd as well as locals. People really seemed to love it, they were dancing and having a great time, and we’ve had some great performers. Obviously COVID put a stop to that but we hope to bring it back,” says Salerno about the pre-coronavirus days at the Glen Cove. “It’s a fun hotel, and it’s a great community to walk around and explore. Onset itself used to be a city, we hosted the big bands back in the day, in the 20s and 30s, before the bridges opened.” For Salerno, seeing his guests have a great time, whether during a live show, at dinner, or just seeing big smiles at check out, is what it is really about. He says, “Unlike a chain hotel, it has a feeling of home. It has that inn feeling while being a hotel. I love meeting the people, our guests and making sure they have a great experience.”

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a beautiful Victorian Era hotel in possession of stunning views and wonderful restaurants must be want of guests. While Salerno and the Glen Cove Hotel adapted and even thrived in the midst of a pandemic, the beautiful yellow building, with its storied history and hallowed halls are patiently waiting for a return to normal, and a return to fun. 

For more information or to book your stay, visit, call (774)-678-4233 or stop by in person at 167 Onset Ave, Onset MA. 

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