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Parterre Garden Services

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Courtesy of Parterre Garden Services

Parterre Garden Services offers the perfect blend of landscape designers with true vision, knowledgeable horticulturalists, and experienced maintenance professionals on the Cape and Islands, and throughout New England. “Our staff of designers create beautiful designs and our certified horticulturalists bring those designs to their fullest potential,” says Jason Harris, who co-owns the business with landscape architect Gregory Lombardi.

Founded in 2000, the company was established in response to a recognized need for highly skilled landscape design. “I met with Greg Lombardi, who had 25 years of experience. He was designing beautiful projects, but struggling to find the right people to maintain the work and as a result, his intention for the design was getting lost,” says Harris. At Lombardi’s request, Harris wrote a business plan based on a customer-intimate business model, to bring in certified horticulturalists, thus professionalizing the company’s services. “It is the same plan that we use today,” says Harris.

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Courtesy of Parterre Garden Services

Serving high-end clientele in the Greater Boston area and on Cape Cod, Parterre Garden Services is rooted in a commitment to serve and preserve the design intent of a property. “Our clients have very little time, often own multiple homes, and don’t have time to be experts on their landscape design and maintenance. We deliver the expertise so that they can thoroughly enjoy their properties,” says Harris.

In recent years, the trend toward fully using and enjoying outdoor spaces has been on the rise and Harris expects that trend to continue. “Cutting gardens have always been popular and we are also seeing a rise in the requests for vegetable and herb gardens. People are being mindful of what they eat and there is a movement toward more natural, or organic foods,” Harris says.

Still, many classic trends on the Cape continue to hold steady. “The Cape is very distinctive and most of our clients want landscapes built around traditional coastal plantings, such as beach grasses and hydrangeas,” Harris says.

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