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N – Neighborhood Falmouth

Text by Julie Craven Wagner

They say it takes a village. In the case of Neighborhood Falmouth, those words of wisdom are so much more than just a saying. The organization, whose mission is to enable seniors to stay in their homes safely and comfortably for as long as possible, was actually founded based upon the Village to Village Network (VtV) that started on Beacon Hill.  Susan Loucks, executive director of Neighborhood Falmouth, says the needs on the Cape are uniquely different from other villages in more populated areas. “The needs of seniors in the city are often more about programming and social activities, whereas here, in a more rural setting, the needs are more for transportation and other practical activities.” 

Most volunteers are themselves seniors, which provides an element of trust and camaraderie that distinguishes the organization from many other senior-service based groups. An ideal volunteer, Loucks says, is “A retiree who wishes something like this existed when their parents were aging or someone who hopes this kind of service will be available for them if they ever need it.”

During the pandemic, shopping trips to complete a shopping list have been a huge help for most of the seniors. Social isolation is also a major concern as the organization balances the needs for connection with the need for social distancing. Loucks says, “For those retirees who have checked off a portion of a bucket list and are looking to incorporate volunteerism into an active retirement lifestyle, this may be the perfect situation.”

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