Photo Portfolio: Gabriel Beaton

Cape Cod Life  /  September/October 2023 /

Writer: Leslie Hatton / Photographer: Gabriel Beaton 

Love, Loss and Light The journey of photographer Gabriel Beaton has been paved in love and light. “Instructions for living a life: pay attention, be astonished, tell about it.” —Mary Oliver Nauset Light  Mary Oliver’s poetry always touched photographer Gabriel Beaton and it’s evident in his work that he has taken her words to heart. Beaton’s ability to pay attention to nature, and his innate sense of wanting to be surrounded by, capture—and share what he has witnessed—is something that is truly in his heart and in his soul.  His family’s roots in Chatham run deep; Beaton’s father and many uncles were fisherman and before he was born, his mother had an art studio and gallery on Main Street. Beaton grew up in a similar coastal location called Blue Hill, an enchanting, small town on the coast of Maine, where his deep appreciation for the outdoors began at an early age. While his peers were preoccupied with other interests, Beaton remembers wanting to capture things on film. “I wanted to take photos of my friends and my pets and my family. I just shot as much film as I could buy and afford to get developed.”  After high school, he headed for the bright lights of New York City where he remained for over 20 years. “I was so ready for the stimulation that it provided. I thrived in that environment for a long time. I found a real home there and it was such a contrast for me. Being in a city for so long is like a relationship, because it becomes such a part of you. And I miss it now, but not as much as I thought I would.” A photographer friend in New York suggested he come along on a shoot with her. At the time, photography…

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Leslie Hatton

Leslie (Horne) Hatton enthusiastically joined Cape Cod Life in October of 2022. Educated in Mashpee and Falmouth, she graduated from Assumption College and received her Master of Education degree from Lesley College. A former teacher, she has taught middle school, preschool and most recently, fifth grade. She and her husband Tom have three children: Aidan, Colin, and Erin. Their newest family member is Millie, an outgoing, outrageously happy chocolate lab. She loves to talk about all of them so better not ask. One neat tidbit about Leslie is that she is the author of the locally best-selling children’s book Cape Cod ABCs, with over 10K books sold on Cape Cod, the Islands and across Massachusetts. Happiest in the summer with a little sun on her face, she loves being with friends and her family, laughing, drinking and eating all over beautiful Cape Cod.