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Writer: Christina Galt

A Photographer’s Life For Me The lens we choose transforms the way we look at things. ~ Dewitt Jones Rugosa Sunset – Sesuit A love for Cape Cod was an unavoidable destiny for local photographer Mark Preu, as his parents refused to give up their precious summer vacation at their modest East Orleans cottage due to his impending arrival. Born at Cape Cod Hospital in the summer of 1954, Preu continued to spend every summer on these idyllic shores until his senior year of high school when his parents decided to make the Cape their permanent home—a move which he did not oppose. “And I’ve been here ever since,” the photographer laughs.  He spent his summers exploring the Cape Cod landscape, guided by his nature-loving artist father, and further developed and nurtured his artistic eye with his love of the outdoors. After getting involved in his high school photography club and yearbook committee, the craft remained a steady hobby until 1994, when he began to sell his work as a professional photographer. “The first year was not very successful,” Preu chuckles, as he only sold about $30 worth of photos. “Fortunately it has improved.”  When asked about his favorite subject to shoot, he shares, “I am not a morning person, so I don’t do many sunrises.” He claims about once every other year he gets up at dawn. However, he’s never met a sunset he didn’t like. “I really am drawn to sunsets. I like working along the edge of water, either on the bay or ocean side, a huge amount of my work includes water nearby.” The bulk of Preu’s work features Cape Cod landscapes. “Especially panoramas,” he emphasizes, “that is my specialty.” He is also a passionate wildlife photographer and dabbles in abstract work as well. In 2004,…

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Christina Galt

Christina Galt is the Digital Editor at Cape Cod Life Publications. Born and raised on the Cape, Christina has always had a love for the ocean and everything "Cape Cod." She found herself the perfect home away from home at the University of Rhode Island and double majored in Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies. After graduating, Christina came back to the Cape and started her journey at Cape Cod Life. She spends most of her free time with her family, especially her chocolate lab Sadie, and enjoys spending summers on her family’s boat.