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P: Pools

Soake Pools

Photo courtesy of Tim Murphy, foto imagery

“A pool really defines a space. It adds a focal point and becomes the center of that outdoor living area,” reflects Karen Larson, who founded Soake Pools with her husband Brian in 2015. About five years ago, Karen and Brian were looking for a plunge pool, a water feature that’s used for wading and relaxing as well as exercising, to complete their outdoor space. “We wanted something elegant with big tiles but also something affordable, and we were finding that what we wanted wasn’t really on the market at the time,” explains Karen. Noticing that deficit in the pool market, the Larsons came to the same crossroads as every great entrepreneur: Why not do it themselves? 

The original Soake Pools model, complete with large, budget-friendly tiling and sleek, elegant lines, still graces the Larsons’ backyard today, withstanding the test of time and providing the couple with a year-round (since Soake Pools function essentially as a pool and a hot tub in one) reminder of where it all started. Since 2015, Soake Pools has defined open-air spaces all over New England. “We want to provide an outdoor experience for people,” says Karen, explaining that their number one priority is their customers. “We want our clients to enjoy not only the product but also the process.”

One of the major benefits of a Soake pool is that, unlike concrete pool installations that often incorporate months of work and long, exhausting days staring at muddy backyards, Soake pools arrive to a customer’s home with the majority of the labor complete, meaning that the installation process can be completed in just a matter of days. “Most of the work is done before the pool even gets to you,” explains Karen. And this is just one in a long list of reasons that the Soake Pools slogan—“Small pools. Big benefits.”—is so fitting.

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