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O: Oceanfront

Cataldo Custom Builders

Photo courtesy of Aerial Advantage/Emmagail Photography 2018

The Cape’s shoreline is dotted with homes perched and positioned to take advantage of a spectacle of changing ocean waves, the sun as it rises, dances with its diamonds across the water and ultimately drops into a far horizon, and every type of water-based activity the region has to offer. Whether they be rooted to a wild oceanfront dune or a cove’s gentle rhythm of lapping waves, with the diverse coastline of the Cape, the array of possibilities for a waterfront home is extensive. The sun’s paintings upon the sea and sky could be a morning wake-up call or viewed on the deck as a release after a stressful day, depending on the home’s positioning. Possibilities of leisure activities are also widespread, like an avid beach-goer spending days in the sand, or a family of boaters setting out to sea from the ease of a private dock. Enjoying the land may entail a pool, expansive deck, patio, or fire pit where families can warm up in the evening. Within the home, considering how to best take advantage of the view is paramount. Is the home benefitting from a high vantage point, or does it hunker down and become one with the shoreline? While these oceanfront homes and the idea of life within them is the pinnacle of serene beauty, the process of building one is complex and precise. 

“Sometimes you have to fit the client’s dream inside of a bubble and its quite the challenge,” says Ralph Cataldo, president of Cataldo Custom Builders in Falmouth, a true master of oceanfront building on the Cape. With decades of experience and over several hundred successful projects under his belt, Cataldo comprehends the big picture and all of the intricate piece-parts involved in an oceanfront project. When purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of land, and planning a home of a lifetime, entrusting the plan to someone who has a lifetime of experience is invaluable. 

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