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P: Pools

Photo courtesy of Tim Murphy, foto imagery

“I think the pools themselves are what set us apart,” says Karen. Large format tiles provide a sophisticated design, and the smaller size and cast-formed manufacturing process of Soake pools means that the price point is approachable. Soake pools, with up to a 56” water depth (making them perfect for both relaxation and activity), can also be used year-round, to cool off in the summer or warm up in the winter. A saltwater option requires less maintenance and chemicals, making these pools easier on the environment as well. And on top of that, each pool is completely custom. “The process is very personal. Customers pick their tiles and their features to create their own unique pool,” explains Karen.

The Larsons personally go on every sales call and every delivery. “The challenges with our pools are definitely different than with a normal, concrete pool installation,” says Karen. “It’s not always a simple process to deliver a ten ton pool, so we want to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We’re right there, in the customer’s yard from survey to final installation.”

The Larsons’ best advice for customizing a pool is, “think about how you want to use your space; let that be your guide.” There are plenty of options to choose from, but with Soake pools, one thing’s consistent: they are eye-catching additions to any outdoor space. Imagine, wading through a Soake pool, appreciating your yard in a whole new way, perhaps surrounded by snow or basking in summer’s warmth. The sunset casts an inviting red glow over the water. Maybe a fire pit crackles nearby and music wafts over the space, riding on a light breeze and encompassing the pool in a comfortable blanket of sound. With Soake pools, that scenario is attainable—and done in an attractive way that is sure to make your space the envy of the neighborhood.

“I love meeting new customers,” says Karen. “Even more fun than that, is hearing back from them about how much they enjoy their pools, how it changes their lives. The stories about the first time someone’s grandkids come over to use the pool or how a husband and wife find time to relax together and enjoy the outdoors are so rewarding.”

Small Pools. Big Benefits…it couldn’t be more true.

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