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The Best of Both Worlds

Blending old world style and modern Cape comforts has never looked so chic in this historic Provincetown renovation

Much like Provincetown itself, this renovated home may look like classic Cape Cod on the outside, but has so much more to tell inside. Homeowners Christopher Amplo and John O’Doherty split their time between Provincetown and London, and wanted to feel at home no matter what continent they were on. Combining cultures and styles takes skill and effort, not to mention the right flair. With a goal of blending classic Cape comforts with the charm of old school England, Amplo and O’Doherty put their trust in the experts at Cape Associates and Project Manager Chris Dio for this renovation. As only the second owners of this house, Amplo wanted to make sure the history of the home and its family were honored throughout the project. A plaque out front welcomes guests to “The Cook House”, a nod to the former family’s last name. “The Cook family had owned the house since 1890. And anytime I’d call anyone to the house, when I told them the address, they would say ‘oh the old Cook house!’ and that’s how it got its name. There’s a lot of history here and when we did the renovation, we wanted to respect that,” says Amplo. Dio worked closely with Amplo to turn this historic house into a home that embraces the past and welcomes the future. 

The exterior of the house welcomes visitors with the classic Cape warm cedar shingles, but what really helps this Provincetown abode stand out is the eye catching red that trims the house and colors the front door and dormer above. “The red was already there. We respected the previous owners red, and I would never give it up anyway, it’s quite unique to Provincetown. So we brightened it up a little and repainted it. I feel like the Cook House can only be red,” explains Amplo. This renovation offers a spot of warmth on even the coldest Provincetown days. 

“The original house was pretty cobbled together; there was a base house that was pretty small, built sometime around the mid 1800s, a typical Provincetown house. There was a single story addition in the back of the house, there was no basement and it had a poor crawlspace. So as part of the renovation, and as part of the historic preservation in Provincetown, we were able to tear down the addition,” explains Dio of the work to bring this 19th century house into the 21st. “We designed the house, the architectural portions, with our in-house designers with input from Chris Amplo, and he then really did a lot with the interior design aspect. He was very, very involved in the process, especially with the finishes and the kitchen.”

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