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Homespun Sophistication

An Osterville home combines rustic charm with a polished elegance that a family enjoys whenever possible. 

What kind of Cape house would you build if you could? Would it be airy and light, like the cool breezes that come off the beach just before the midday heat, or would it have moody corners where you could curl up and read a book or gaze at a fire pit? Would your bare feet slap against a hardwood floor or cool expanse of tile, or would sumptuous natural fiber carpets dull the harsh sounds that fill your days in the real world? And what if you were one of those rare creatures whose love for the Cape is equal without favor, regardless of the calendar month, like a mother’s love for her children. What then?

All you need to do is ask Jennifer Palumbo, principal of Jennifer Palumbo Interiors. Palumbo, who makes her living contributing and suggesting how people could live their best life, had a precious opportunity to bring all of her expertise and insight to bear when she and her family decided to build their Cape home. “When we moved to Boston from New York, we wanted to find a weekend home in the area,” Palumbo recalls. “We looked in Maine and Vermont, as well as various places on the Cape. When we found this spot in Osterville, we walked outside and it just took our breath away, we could just see it as our home.”

Palumbo enlisted the team at Hutker Architects in Falmouth to design the home, headed up by Jim Cappuccino, partner at the firm and Erin Levin, one of Hutker’s talented associates. “The land was originally a very heavily wooded lot, Cappuccino explains. “And when we sited the project, we were able to offer west-facing and sunset views-—it was really spectacular. It was one of those occasions when you really begin to see the potential in the property.” 

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