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The Best of Both Worlds

Nestled behind the sitting room is a den perfect for cultivating the next project or planning the next adventure. Like a siren call, the room beckons to the voyager within with its sea blue walls and cozy leather chairs. “When we bought the house, it was 100% dark stain and knotty pine, and it felt a little bit like a cabin in Montana. Our first renovation we did completely ourselves, and we just painted everything white to make it feel a little more beach-like. But in that one room, we wanted to keep the knotty pine. And for this renovation, I tried four or five different blues until we got the right one in there,” says Amplo of the room he refers to as “the map room.” The maps placed on the walls help keep track of places visited and places to go. “That’s where you sit and talk to your mom on the phone or where you call your friend, but it can also double as a sort of guest room or kids room,” says Amplo. “We call it the map room because we put maps from different places we’ve visited on the walls. But the color is really about being in a warm place and creating a place of privacy and a sanctuary from the rest of the house.”

Across the hall, the living room provides homeowners and guests a warm oasis to sit back and relax. Texture plays a large role in the comfort and style infused throughout the room. The walls alone embrace at least three textures. Three of the walls feature white shiplap: the top half placed vertically and the bottom horizontally. The accent wall highlights the inviting fireplace by surrounding it with white painted brick, while the ceiling is its own masterpiece, showing off white painted exposed beams. While floor to ceiling white paint can make a space cold, the accents and key furniture pieces throughout the room imbue a sense of hygge. The space is warmed up with wood accents like side tables, couches and a driftwood mantelpiece topper. “The driftwood was found on the beach, and thrown either on the back of a bike or into a rental car. We actually found the pieces separately; we put the one on the mantel and it just didn’t work and then we found one very similar,” says Amplo of the striking mantelpiece. Warm beige lampshades and off white curtains cozy up the space, while dark hardwood flooring and a woven carpet soften the floor. 

The living room was inspired by Amplo’s childhood, with mismatched textures, different style couches, armchairs and loveseats, and blankets, furs and pillows artfully strewn about. “Growing up, my father was an artist and photographer and my mother was a banker, and we grew up in a very eclectic home and everything was just mixed together. So here, there’s black and white photography of my father’s from the 60’s and paintings from local Provincetown artists. It’s very mixed and matched, but everyone who comes to visit really just relaxes; it’s not a living room for show, it’s a room to be used and enjoyed, and that’s how we grew up,” says Amplo of the distinct, cozy style of the living room.

Renovating and redesigning a house can be a daunting task, but when the inspiration is clear and the goal is set, even the smallest details come together in perfect harmony. “It’s about the romance of train travel and being at the beach and good conversation, being in a small house that feels big, a small house with a lot of privacy,” says Amplo.  “The main goal was to marry a little bit of European style and a little country house to warm it up and not do a typical beach house where everything is white. We want to respect the history and the past, but also make it a little more social.”

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