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100 years of history! Learn more about Puritan Cape Cod.

Monthly management meetings always commence with a roundtable discussion with the Puritan team about how they earned the relationship in the past 30 days. Jim says: “Since it is the first item on the agenda, the employees understand how important it is to us. We don’t start by talking about the business, or the marketing, but how we have earned the relationship.”

“It’s one thing to have a mission statement,” Rick reiterates, “but do you talk about it, or do you live it? We believe we live those three powerful words. We are not a company that is big on rules, but we are big on values.”

Any interaction with employees of the organization immediately confirms the commitment has been firmly understood, adopted and successfully implemented. All of the associates have developed a large following of regular customers with whom they have a real relationship. Sue Butler, a familiar face in the Hyannis women’s shop, says: “I am consistently helping clients find exactly the right thing for life events, whether it is a job interview, or a graduation, or a gift. I help women and that is empowering for both of us. It is constantly changing and more fulfilling than I would have ever imagined.” 

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