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100 years of history! Learn more about Puritan Cape Cod.

Earning the relationship is not just reserved for the customers. Each generation of the Penn family has shown the same commitment to their employees, with many having worked at Puritan for over 10, 20 or even 40-plus years. Rick confirms the unique relationship by saying, “We believe our customers are our friends and our employees are our family.”

“I’d rather make a friend than make a sale.”
– Abraham Penn,
founder, 1919

When discussing the fashion retail landscape, the Penns explain their diligence in their efforts to stay informed and learn what works. “We are fortunate to belong to a forum group of 12 stores across the country,” Jim says. “The forum is  like an outside Board of Directors,” adds Rick, “where we benchmark ourselves against merchandise, marketing and operations, and where we all learn from each other.

The buyers for the store, Julie Penn, Rick’s wife-, and Bob Harrison, who has been with Puritan for 44 years, perform a herculean task of identifying the unique and sophisticated look that Puritan has been able to build as a brand for years. Their selection of merchandise subtly evokes a cultured and refined foundation not evident in the styles and offerings found elsewhere on the Cape. In fact, the buying team travel throughout the year to experience the marketplace, and return with a carefully edited assortment that is in line with today’s latest trends, but curated for the Cape Cod customer.  For example, the “farm-to-table” trend found in the food industry is similarly echoed in the fashion industry. “People want to know where their jacket is from, or who the craftsman might be on a pair of shoes, or a belt. So it is important that we fully understand the roots and the story behind the pieces we offer,” explains Jim as Puritan’s lead merchant.

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