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100 years of history! Learn more about Puritan Cape Cod.

The Penns speak often about the “experience” of shopping at their store. This is not just rhetoric.  This year marks the completion of a six-year renovation in the Hyannis flagship store, just in time to acknowledge their centennial,  The renovations include major improvements to the interior and exterior for a modern look that stays true to the company’s Cape Cod roots, including wide-plank washed wood floors, crisp white walls, and modern hardware. 

Major changes were made to incorporate unique offerings adjacent to the store. Solstice Day Spa had been accessible in the lower level for a few years prior to a renovation that opened the flanks of the store to The Naked Oyster Bistro and Raw Bar and Rendezvous Café. Now, a trip to the Hyannis flagship store can stretch from a cappuccino and croissant in the late morning, to a bit of shopping, to a salon indulgence, all topped off by the fresh and innovative cuisine and libations at The Naked Oyster. 

But Puritan’s updates aren’t only physical. The centennial also welcomed a digital facelift, with a fresh rebranding that included a modern logo and redesigned website. Now, the store that has been side-by-side with families for generations as they dress for their most important moments in life is ready for the next generation of customers and will be ready to serve them in all the ways they have come to expect. It may be a new digital world, but the timeless foundation of service and quality will never go out of style.

A century ago, Abe Penn certainly was on to something. He placed the value of friends over the value of a sale. Today, it’s not hard to imagine he would be proud—three generations have been able to continue his commitment, and his grandsons are still welcoming guests and making friends.

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