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Racing Beach Retreat

Its elevation was key, being set back behind conservation land, the view will never be obstructed. The existing home was an older traditional Cape. Once the purchase was finalized, discussions began on whether to remodel or tear down. Jim brought longtime family friend and architect Denise Bonoli on board, and the discussions led to a new build outlining all of the pieces that the DeVellis clan desired. From the start, Jim envisioned a Gambrel design in keeping with his year-round home in Lexington, as well as the customary Cape Cod shingled exterior. As with many builds on the Cape, the family wanted a first-floor master and guest bedrooms upstairs. With the two families sharing the home, space and privacy were necessities. The layout became two first-floor masters, second floor guest bedrooms and bathrooms, and a suite above the garage for the younger family with a bedroom, living room, and bathroom. 

“To me, the exterior was traditional, while the interior was more of how people need to live now in large, open spaces. Jim is a super smart guy and very decisive. He knew exactly what he wanted out of this house. I presented him the design, we tweaked it a bit, and we were good to go,” Bonoli says. Heavily involved in guiding the process was Rich Lemanski, Managing Director of Jim DeVellis’ commercial real estate company, assisting in decisions and organizing details.

For the build, Bonoli recommended Ralph Cataldo, having worked together on previous projects and trusting his expertise. When it comes to oceanfront building, Cataldo Custom Builders is one of the most reputable firms on the Cape and Islands, with over 30  years of experience and a striking portfolio. On the DeVellis project, the team credits Cataldo with spearheading the schedule and ensuring the build was completed on time with no glitches, especially when COVID-19 hit last March. “The homeowners really wanted a Buzzards Bay spectacular sunset and views. That’s exactly what he got. Everybody had to come through and they all did. I had an aggressive schedule and everyone adhered to it. We were trying to finish both the extensive interior finish work, but at the same time finish a built-in pool, outdoor kitchen area, fire pit terrace and extensive landscaping work simultaneously. If not for the sacrifice of Jason Rebello, our staff in the office, and our subcontractors, there was no way this could have happened. Our clients Jim and Paul DeVellis and Rich Lemanski, as well as Denise Bonoli, Greg Bilowz, and Donna Burns all supported us and worked as a team with one common goal,” Cataldo reflects.

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