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Meet You On Main

Chris and Sarah are the latest caretakers of this 200-year-old home, weathering the storm of a pandemic and coming out even stronger.

Photography courtesy of Inn on Main

From Colorado to Cape Cod, Chris and Sarah’s journey to operating the Inn on Main in Yarmouth Port on 6A was a winding, yet gratifying path. Chris Kennedy and Sarah Bradburn met in Colorado in 2009 and have been together ever since. After 11 years in Colorado, with Sarah working as a middle school history teacher and Chris working at a nonprofit bringing broadband to rural counties, they found themselves wanting to move on and do more. Running a bed and breakfast felt like the right move for both Kenneburns (a mash-up of their last names), and for Chris, the only option was returning to the water. 

When it came to searching for an inn, the Kenneburn’s (but mostly Chris) knew the biggest box to check was proximity to water. “We looked at the West Coast, initially, but it was very seasonal, at least the areas we looked at. It didn’t have the summer tourism aspect that I was looking for,” Chris explains. “Then we headed to the East Coast. We started in the Carolinas, because I didn’t want to be in the South. I wanted to be somewhere that was year-round; I love the seasons, especially winter. So, we started to narrow it down to Cape Cod and Connecticut. We had a list of about five Cape Cod properties and two Connecticut properties.” With almost all their boxes checked, the former Crook Jaw Inn became the Inn on Main. “Out of the five, this was the first one we looked at and it also needed the most work. It hadn’t operated in four years and had been on the market for quite a while,” says Chris. “I think most people who are looking at B&Bs want running properties that have clientele that already have reservations and income coming from day one, which wasn’t going to be the case with this place. We knew we’d have our work cut out for us.”

Working with an historic building comes with its own set of challenges that the Kenneburns were ready to face head on. Thought to be built between 1790 and 1810 by E.W Crocker, Chris and Sarah are only the fifth innkeepers of this 200-year-old home. “It was turned into a B&B in 1984 by a retired priest who then lovingly did the conversion in the bedrooms so each has their own en-suite bathroom. Its very ingenious, what he did. There were two other owners after him, before us. We’re only the fifth innkeepers here,” explains Sarah. “We don’t call ourselves the owners—we’re the current caretakers of this 200-plus-year-old house,” Chris elaborates. While updating the property, the Kenneburns worked with the historical society, and welcomed any suggestions or guidance they provided. “We just feel honored to be the caretakers here. I used to teach history and maintaining that is important to me,” says Sarah. “We don’t want to lose that new England charm. We can update, but keep the essence.” 

The couple did just that by focusing their updates on functionality, like upgrading the water heater, redoing gas lines and partnering with Mass Save to improve energy usage.

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