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Racing Beach Retreat

This Falmouth family home has it all: expansive waterfront views, a bocce court, pool, and a modern interior. Thanks to a skilled team of professionals, this is the epitome of oceanfront living.

Carved into an elevated landscape overlooking Buzzards Bay sits this multifamily getaway, meticulously designed and completed through a global pandemic. The end result is a resort-like dream, complete with a bocce court, putting green, heated pool and spa and overlook terrace with a gas fire pit. Behind the scenes, the stars aligned and a group of talented professionals perfectly connected to make this a reality. Rooted in a sense of trust, each individual exceled in their own field and flowed cohesively, so the final result became a thoughtful work of art. Architect Denise Bonoli, Cataldo Custom Builders, landscape architects Bilowz Associates Inc., and interior designer Donna Burns all joined forces to fulfill the DeVellis family’s dreams.

Beginning in 2019, the build was on a steadfast deadline to get the families in and settled by May 2020. This was to become a getaway for two brothers and the seven daughters between them, and during a summer impacted by COVID-19, this became a much-needed retreat to unwind in the beauty and safety of their new oceanfront home. 

Homeowners and brothers Jim and Paul DeVellis have longtime ties to Falmouth and dreamed of sharing their own home with their children. As Jim was searching for waterfront properties in Falmouth, he stumbled upon this lot for sale. Overlooking Racing Beach, when he wandered around the back of the property to discover the view, he had definitely found home. “I happened to drive up this road and saw the for sale sign for this house hidden by trees. I went down the driveway, and the realtor said we could look around. When I walked around to the back, we really realized that it had a beautiful view. It was just gorgeous and had west-facing sun in the afternoon, so beautiful sunsets every night. That was really the drive to try to purchase the property,” Jim says.

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