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Building Business: Welcome to the intersection of Glamour & Camping

Whether you’re near or far, AutoCamp Cape Cod is the perfect getaway to unplug and enjoy the great outdoors in style.

AutoCamp has made its way to Cape Cod! The California-based company that has taken the West Coast by storm is now in New England, opening its newest location in Falmouth.

Founded in 2013, AutoCamp has developed some iconic outdoor destinations along the West Coast over the years, in locations such as Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree, the Russian River Valley, Zion National Park, and the Catskills Mountains. “The original idea for AutoCamp was to bring a sense of comfort and luxury to the outdoors,” shares co-founder and Chief Brand Officer Ryan Miller.

Soon settling on the idea of Airstreams, Miller says, “We realized that they are the perfect vessel to experience the outdoors in a way that is refined and comfortable.” Over the years, AutoCamp has developed a partnership with Airstream, becoming their exclusive hospitality partner. Airstream builds each of AutoCamps new Airstream Suites on their own dedicated assembly line, “The design is proprietary to AutoCamp,” explains Miller. “We curated this Airstream design and layout, perfecting it over numerous iterations.”

AutoCamp provides three different types of private accommodations at their Cape Cod basecamp. On site you’ll find their signature Airstreams, newly developed X Suites, some of which are ADA compliant, as well as Luxury Tents, each with their own individual variations. Every accommodation is outfitted as a hotel would be, with the added bonus of your own private campfire and grill to be enjoyed under the stars. “All of this collectively forms a really comfortable place to sleep, while maintaining the experience of being outdoors,” says Miller.

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