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Repurpose, recycle and re-use!

Eight local experts offer furniture restoration suggestions and services

Home Spring 2016

Photography by Cape Cod Whale Carving

In a “throw away” world where home furnishings go in and out of style at an ever-accelerating rate, how do homeowners create an environment that transcends trends, nourishes the soul with beauty, and reflects their principles to tread gently on Mother Earth?

Cape Cod is replete with craftsmen who have years of experience in accomplishing that very challenge. When selecting a table, bench or other piece from these businesses, customers are furnishing their living spaces with beautiful items that are a far cry from the stapled-together, particle board furniture so common in today’s market—items that look good for a few years and then fall apart and end up in the dump.

For this article we spoke with eight local craftsmen, who each shared details and anecdotes on unique restoration projects. Not only is this locally crafted furniture made to last, but most of these experts use reclaimed wood and other green materials to further enhance their Earth-friendly nature. Finally, by utilizing old wood, restoring inherited furniture, and using local sources, anyone can achieve the timeless beauty of a well-furnished space with a “sense of place” based on a Cape Cod aesthetic and a rich regional history.

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