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Repurpose, recycle and re-use!

There’s an artist behind high-quality furnishings


Photography by West Barnstable Tables

Designing and building furniture—is it merely “making furniture” or is it an art form? “It is useful art,” says Dick Kiusalas, owner of West Barnstable Tables. “It is conceptual art. It may be a piece of furniture but it is art.” Kiusalas should know: he has been repurposing old wood, metal and other found items into attractive tables, cabinets and benches for decades.

“It’s a playful process,” he says. Many of Kiusalas’ tables and cabinets feature visible remnants of their former lives. Old paint marks outlining stair boards show where a table plank had a former life as part of a staircase, adding both color and charm to the table. Besides the visible marks of a board’s past, Kiusalas explains that the color of the old wood as it oxidizes adds significantly to its beauty. The deep saturation of glowing, golden browns can only be achieved by time, he says, and cannot be replicated by any man-made stain.

In addition to Kiusalas’ work, the company’s showroom in West Barnstable displays the creations of several other local craftsmen, who all transform old materials into beautiful, high-quality pieces that pack a wallop in terms of history, texture and artistic appeal.

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