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Repurpose, recycle and re-use!

Local artisan adds a little paint, a lot of character


Photography by Uniquely Painted Furniture

What happens when a Brit expresses his Cape Cod vision on interesting old furniture? Magic, apparently. While working in house painting and construction, Peter Wrack began livening up old furniture as a hobby. Then, people began asking to buy the pieces he would create that were chock-full of character. “Older pieces of furniture were once made with better wood and have much more character than newer pieces which often contain a lot of plastic,” says Wrack. “The broken, old and unwanted pieces also tend to come with their own history, whether they are found on the side of the road or in grandma’s basement. I like to re-use, repair and combine old pieces of furniture together to make them into something unique.”

Some of Wrack’s favorites over the years are items he rebuilt from materials found in dumpsters, at yard sales or on the side of the road. One piece he particularly enjoys is “The Whydah,” a dresser he painted in the theme of the Black Sam Bellamy’s ship, which sank off the coast of Wellfleet in 1717. “Every single one of them carries its own story,” says Wrack, “and that’s what new furniture from the store could never offer.” Wrack, who operates his business Uniquely Painted Furniture out of Brewster, adds charm to individual pieces by incorporating his signature—placing an old coin, a British penny, into each and every piece. 

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