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Repurpose, recycle and re-use!

“Bird’s” is the word for furniture restoration on Cape Cod

“We consider ourselves the original recycler,” says Larry Mathews, owner of Bird’s Furniture Restoration of East Falmouth. “We repair, refinish and restore furniture to make it good for the next generation. By the time you’ve cut down trees, processed the wood and put it on the market, a new piece has a much greater environmental impact than letting us refinish an existing piece for you.”

With the current popularity of painted furniture over stained, Mathews says about 40 percent of the pieces that came through his company’s finish room in 2015 did go home with a painted finish. “We will see that furniture again, to be stripped and stained when the style changes,” Mathews joked, in reference to the ongoing job security he enjoys courtesy of changing trends in home decor. Furthering the green impact, he points out that repairing instead of replacing offers the most benefit when an item needs to be re-glued, or if one chair needs to be fixed in order to save the whole set from being thrown out. With an expert’s touch, the piece, Mathews says, “is ready to be used again for years.”

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