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Repurpose, recycle and re-use!

Why buy new when you can dip, strip and re-use?


Photography by Dip ‘N Strip

Known as a go-to resource for local interior designers, Dip ‘N Strip of Hyannis handles a wide variety of furniture restoration and rescue projects. “You can buy new, but what we do is such superior quality that you’d be amazed,” says company founder Dudley Scott. The company is experienced in repairing, rebuilding and refinishing. “We can rebuild drawers of old bureaus so they slide so much better,” Scott says, “and they are far superior to many new bureaus with pressed board sides and stapled backs.”

Scott is semi-retired but comes in to help owner Alex Bowyer. While designer professionals constitute the bulk of the company’s business—often bringing in heavy walnut and mahogany pieces to be lightened with white paint so they can fit in better with a more coastal look—Dip ‘N Strip also helps many local do-it-yourselfers. Scott says some customers’ pieces have purely sentimental value, such as items made by a grandfather, while others such as wicker sets would be virtually impossible for the customer to remove all those layers of paint on their own. By stripping and repainting, repairing and reviving, Scott says old furnishings can be given a new look, and a new life.

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