Laverty kitchen

The Laverty kitchen is designed to take advantage of the home’s gorgeous oceanfront setting.

Connor confirms the active yet close-knit nature of this special family, and how the heart of the home becomes a centralized location for collaboration and interaction. “Everybody is off and doing their own thing, but everyone comes together quite nicely,” she says.

Minimal upper cabinetry allows access to the spectacular views out of every window. A long bank of windows, focused on the backyard and Buzzards Bay, cap the run of counters that flank the sink, making any dirty work an indulgence. In addition, architect Denise Bonoli designed the kitchen to have direct access to the backyard through one set of doors, but also positioned a three-season dining area, outside grill platform and a cook’s garden just off the other side of the kitchen.

While this explains the backdrop of the space and the intention of those who envisioned and created it, it doesn’t quite explain the energy and interaction the space spawns. This is a family who has passed down their love of cooking and gathering for family meals through three generations. In short, this kitchen feeds more than a family—it nourishes many souls.