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Residence Redux: A home for the future

A Home for the Future, Annual Guide 2018 Cape Cod HOME |

A family friendly second floor landing is a favorite respite after a busy day on the beach. Photo courtesy of Cataldo Custom Builders

This extraordinary home is the result of deliberate, thoughtful planning and preparation that resulted in a beloved place for this active family to gather during the warmer months on Cape Cod. Owners Charles and Judy Laverty have worked with Ralph Cataldo, principal of Cataldo Custom Builders in East Falmouth, since 2000 when he built their home next door. While that is an extraordinary home in its own right, Charlie often gazed out its windows and saw the unique potential of the parcel next door. His home had a million-dollar view, but the house next door had that billion-dollar beach. Laverty says that the construction of the first house was so successful, he never hesitated to undertake this project. “We decided to build a house for three generations,” Charlie says. “The beauty is that our four grandchildren have only known summers in Nye’s Neck. Now two are in college and two are finishing high school but they all have jobs on the Cape, so they stay with us the entire summer.”

The neighborhood’s adjacent dock was another attraction. And the level, gently sloping terrain kept tugging at his imagination. Laverty had confidence in the team he had assembled for his first home, so when the dated, dilapidated home next door finally went on the market, it was less of a decision about whom to hire and more like the call to “get the band back together.”

Architect Denise Bonoli from East Falmouth had imagined a beautiful home for the Lavertys in 2000 and deftly managed the challenge of creating an intimate family home with large square footage. The Lavertys’ new home needed to accommodate the expanding families of their four grown children. “Most of my clients plan for an expanding family, but with this home, since the Lavertys already had a history of their adult children and grandchildren looking forward to time on the Cape, there was no holding back; the family patterns had already been established,” Bonoli says. She says the history with the family made it a very easy and satisfying experience. Instead of it being treated as a “do-over,” the experience was more like a vow renewal. “We knew what we dealing with,” she explains, “it was just about, ‘This works, tweak this, add a couple of feet here.’ It was really a pleasure.”

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