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Residence Redux: The Inside Story

Laverty home

A comfortable home with plenty of room for everyone serves as a backdrop for a family who loves their time together

While the Laverty home in the Nye’s Neck neighborhood of Falmouth was built to be a place for generations of family to gather and enjoy all of the outdoor activities the Cape has to offer, it is, at its core, a family home, one that is enjoyed throughout the year. Architect Denise Bonoli created a design that would acknowledge the drama of the water, even if you were in the middle of the house, by making sure the footprint was not too wide and the light was still able to penetrate all of the living spaces. The options for living, seating, gathering and resting are seemingly endless upon first inspection, but considering the size of the family—the patriarch and matriarch, Charlie and Judy, their four grown children with various partners and four grandchildren—a weekend gathering would be a full house in any scenario.

Visitors enter through the exquisite front door, which Judy requested to be replaced after construction was complete. The original door was impressive with its massive wood design, but the new door has inset glass panes that not only help to identify visitors but also enable the light for the front of the house to stream into the large foyer. “I had no idea who was at the door before,” Judy explains. “So it was always a surprise, and sometimes that’s not a good thing, if you know what I mean. Some people you want to make sure you’re looking your best for!”

Beyond the foyer, the main living area stretches out in either direction with that mesmerizing view spanning the entire backside of the house. A low bank of cabinetry serves to create a passageway between the two ends of the house as it flanks the open dining area. The formal living room creates a sophisticated and cozy place to gather with exquisitely appointed built-ins that showcase art, collectibles and family photos that chronicle decades of the family’s special memories.

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