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Right Place, Right Time

Seaside Design bathroom

A serendipitous find leads to a new and improved bathroom, and one happy homeowner

It is often said that items are designed with a certain person or place in mind, and for designer and Seaside Design Studio and Shop owner Bridget Cahill, this could not be more true. Cahill bought a mahogany dresser with an attached mirror, originally built in 1910, at an estate sale in Brewster and redesigned it for her shop with a certain customer in mind. When the customer saw the renovated vanity, the reimagining of the dresser turned into the redesign of an entire bathroom.

Ever since the homeowner moved from California permanently to Cape Cod three years ago, she has loved everything about her house, except for her bathroom. “The bathroom was an embarrassment to me,” she says. “It was tiny with walls that looked like they had apricot frosting on them and an oversized dark wood vanity. It was a disaster. The vanity at least had to be done.”

The homeowner quickly became a regular at Cahill’s Dennis store through pure love of her products, so Cahill came to understand the homeowner’s needs and style. Given that the home was already filled with furniture from Seaside Design Studio and Shop, it only made sense that the bathroom would follow suit.

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