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Residence Redux: The Inside Story

Laverty home

The comings and goings of this busy family are in perpetual motion, but one thing remains a constant: their intersection. And like any well-planned traffic intersection, flow, volume and intention of purpose have been factored into the design of the home. This family is special and seemingly would thrive and come together despite their surroundings, but this home has a special place in their lives. It is hard to determine whether the home itself influences them or whether, because of the special team that is responsible for thoughtfully considering and creating this space, the family is able to live their best life. “We are very fortunate,” both Charlie and Judy are often heard saying when talking about the precious time with their family in this home.

Ralph Cataldo reminds us how grateful he was to have worked with the Lavertys on two incredible oceanfront homes, where the same team of professionals worked together, trusted each other and created an incredible result, twice!

As these six installments have evolved, so has our relationship with the family. Even though we are now closing the door, and giving them back their privacy, the experience, the smiles, the laughter and the warmth they have shared will continue to influence our lives going forward.

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