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Right Place, Right Time

Seaside Design bathroom

At first the homeowner was wary of keeping the mahogany mirror attached to the vanity, but Cahill insisted. “Using the mirror was integral to maintaining the inherent charm of the dresser as it was transformed into a vanity that would fit within current trends,” she explains. The end result was a very happy homeowner whose desires for a peaceful, tranquil bathroom came true. She calls it her “grown-up room. It’s so sophisticated… like a lady who put her jewels on.” The retired accessories buyer for retail stores admits that her house is not the standard Cape Cod style, due to its lack of a blue color palette and modernity. But Cahill was never concerned about the more contemporary nature of the bathroom.

“While the bathroom could be considered contemporary, the vintage character and charm of the vanity softens that value,” Cahill explains. “While the style of the house is not contemporary, the furnishings and general manner of her home are clean, bright and uncluttered. This common thread allows for the bathroom to work within the house.”

What started as only a vanity and a mirror quickly turned into the fulfillment of a longtime wish for the homeowner. Cahill listened to the needs of her client and was able to achieve her own goals as well. “My primary goal with any design is to provide the customer with a finished space they could not get without my help,” she explains. “Knowing that the homeowner did not want to invest in a project that wouldn’t result in all three improvements (a larger vanity, larger shower and washer/dryer), I set out to create a layout that would achieve that and give her the lightest, brightest, cleanest space possible. She entrusted me to do that for her, and I’m happy she did.”

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