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‘Seaview Secret Garden’ is Osterville’s Avalon

Avalon of Osterville, Annual 2017 Cape Cod Home |

A formal dipping spa serves as a centerpiece of the garden. Photo by Dan Cutrona

From either side, the secluded woodland retreat proceeds through a series of distinct spaces, each with its own sensory appeal, much as a trout river flows through a succession of pools. The main entrance lies directly across the street from the house proper; the understated path gives way to garden boxes containing vegetables, herbs and flowers for cutting. “Project manager Rob Kennedy was very helpful with the vegetables, which I had never done before,” Walker says. To complete the theme of this space, blueberry bushes and apple trees, just beginning to bear fruit, line the borders. Kennedy says he is pleased with the way the garden had matured into its second full summer, a time when nature and design are at a sort of equilibrium.

In the next phase of the garden, the fountain is the focal point. Here, Wahler says the “precise geometry laid out in classical garden style” becomes most obvious, with an almost clockwork layout of walking paths, flowerbeds and statues. Beyond the spa and fire pit, a row of five hornbeam trees rises from a rock wall, forming the living, northern border of the garden. On the opposite side of the wall, Kennedy has trained ivy to take on a diamond-shaped pattern. Such attention to detail truly defines this Avalon of Cape Cod, a garden as suitable for royalty as it is for those seeking respite from everyday cares.

Jaxtimer notes, “This was the type of project where the owner was very involved; she was very hands-on.” Kennedy calls Walker “the brains behind it all.” Walker has high praise for her landscape and design team and the cooperative approach everyone took: “They worked with me to develop my idea for a ‘Secret Garden,’ and we turned it into a reality together.”

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