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See how Holly Hudson creates a nautical oasis with this Cataumet home

An Ocean of Inspiration

Designer Holly Hudson sets a course for a nautical new addition to the Red Brook community

A corner townhouse in the Cataumet Red Brook Harbor Club community sits on Shore Road, overlooking Red Brook Harbor. Standing on the deck, one can see the water ripple in and out, ever-changing yet ever-consistent. Turn around to go back inside, and still, one is surrounded by the sea, in the form of timeless, nautical décor. 

This continuity from the outside in is not happenstance. It is due to the meticulous work of interior designer Holly Hudson.

Builder Bill Riley of Rycon Group brought Hudson into the townhouse project when all there was to see was raw space. The main building unit still under construction, there were no models to follow, and Hudson was to be the first designer to make her mark in the community. While Hudson has designed a number of townhouses throughout her career, this one came not without challenge. It was a completely turnkey project, in which she would transform a three-story,2,500-square-foot space into an authentic, nautical-themed home that could sleep not only the client’s children but also grandchildren, without looking like a boarding house. 

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