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Seeking Sanctuary

A fortuitous vacation home purchase in the fall of 2019, that became a refuge in 2020, results in a newly desirable offering from Del Mar Vacations.

Jake McCabe grew up in Massachusetts, near Worcester to be exact. Summer memories were made at East Dennis beaches where he and his family would vacation. Now as a successful adult, married with his own family, he and his wife Wendy Juan considered an investment property of their own—a place where they could build memories, and a home with their two boys, instead of being houseguests at Jake’s retired parents’ home in Yarmouth Port.

Photo provided by Del Mar Vacations

“It was coincidental that we found this home in the fall of 2019,” Jake says of the antique 18th century charmer on Old Kings’ Highway. “Sometimes things just work out the way they are supposed to.” As the fear of the unknown gripped the world in the spring of 2020, Jake and his family made the decision to leave New York City, where he and his wife were busy working in creative industries, and headed to the Cape. “No one guessed how long people would be displaced, but it turns out that we spent several months living on the Cape, in our new home in Barnstable, just a few miles from my parents,” he explains. Life is funny that way, one day you think about the future and make a move to invest in a home where you can create memories for your future generations, the next you are living in the moment, in the very stark present, as you introduce your children to the experiences held dearly from your past. 

During their respite on the Cape, Jake and Wendy enlisted the help of Kevin Fair, a Yarmouth Port contractor who was a neighbor and acquaintance of Jake’s parents…

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