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Set sail this summer on a relaxing Cape Cod cruise

six local water adventures

Hy-Line Cruises travel through the canal, passing beneath the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge.

In this article we highlight six local on-the-water adventures

Summer on Cape Cod is never short of options for outdoor activities. Whether you’re a year-round resident or a first-time visitor, the Cape’s waters will eventually beckon you. (A Cape Cod summer just isn’t complete without some fun on the ocean, right?) What better way to experience the region’s maritime charms than by taking a cruise? From observing seals, whales and other wildlife in their natural habitats, to exploring historic waterways, to simply sitting back and enjoying the view, the local cruises described in the following pages offer scenic water adventures for all ages.

Liberté the Schooner

Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch

Blue Claw Boat Tours

 Monomoy Island Excursions

Catboat Rides

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