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She’s starting from scratch

Amie Bakery of Osterville promotes the use of fresh, natural ingredients with recipes and culinary classes

Home Spring 2016

Photography by Josh Shortsleeve

  “Baking is not complicated . . .” says Amie Smith, the owner of Amie Bakery, “if you know the secrets.”

In a recent cooking class held in Smith’s bakery on Wianno Avenue in Osterville, the baker shared some of the secrets she has gathered during her culinary career to a small crowd of students. Gathered around her were three local women, all students of AMIE Academie—a series of classes Smith offers at the bakery where attendees can learn some of the tricks of the baking trade, and try their hand at preparing some of the recipes firsthand.

 The two-hour classes, which start at $50 per person, are held throughout the year and cover unique baking topics such as Valentine’s Day cookie decorating, cupcake decorating, and the fine art of piping buttercream flowers to beautify cupcakes and other confections. The schedule for upcoming classes can be viewed at

During the class mentioned above, Smith instructed her charges on the art of baking homemade bagels. As she gathers the ingredients to be used in the class, she talks about the simplicity of making these breakfast staples in the comfort of one’s own home. “I had guests staying at my house,” Smith tells her students. “I got up one morning and rather than go out and buy bagels, I decided to make them instead. All of the ingredients are things I had on hand, so it was easy.” Reaching for a whisk and a sheet pan, Smith offers additional inspiration: “Bagels are simple,” she says, “and can be made all within an hour. My guests loved waking up to the smell of the warm, fresh bagels coming out of the oven.” Bonus: check out Smith’s three bagel-related recipes following this article!

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