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She’s starting from scratch


Photography by Josh Shortsleeve

To start the class, Smith, an Osterville resident and a 2009 graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, shares that most professional bakers use weights rather than volume—ounces and pounds, rather than tablespoons and cups—to measure out ingredients because they are a more accurate form of measurement. Note: in the recipe we have converted the measurements to cups and tablespoons for the home baker.

Smith opened Amie Bakery in December of 2014 and says it is part of the “second phase” of her career. Back in 2008, she was working as a corporate writer in Manhattan, but when the economy took a downturn she decided to pursue her passion for baking, a love instilled in her by her father. With her degree in hand in 2009, she began baking up confections professionally, first taking private orders while she searched for a sweet location to open her own bakery.

As mentioned, Smith formerly worked as a marketing writer as well as a part-time writing teacher at Northeastern University; she continued her role as an educator when she opened AMIE Academie in her bakery last August. Her goal for the classes is to share some of what she has learned, and to encourage people to bake their own delicious treats at home using fresh, quality ingredients. “The whole mission behind my bakery,” she says, “is to reacquaint people with the way things used to taste.”

In a time when so much of what we eat is being mass-produced or super-sized, Smith is rejecting that trend, and her recipes are inspired from simpler times when baked goods like pastries, cakes and pies were made using natural, authentic ingredients. “I make everything from scratch and in small batches,” Smith says, adding that there is a significant difference in the taste and texture of a pastry cream, for example, when it is made fresh on the premises and from quality ingredients.

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