Photography by Josh Shortsleeve

Visiting Amie Bakery, customers can choose from a variety of cookies, bars, muffins, pies and tarts, as well as croissants and homemade rolls. Amie’s also sells sandwiches, soups and a special blend of coffee, Amie Blend, which is made by Cape Cod Coffee Roasters.

In addition to quality foods, the bakery’s interior design has also been attracting customers. The café features attractive white beadboard on the walls, bistro-style tables and chairs imported from Paris, and a counter with round, chrome stools. Smith says she wanted the café area to be a warm and welcoming place—a throwback to simpler times—where customers would feel as comfortable as if they were sitting in her kitchen. Customers can even order an ice cream float or a homemade soda, and enjoy it in a setting that Norman Rockwell himself may have enjoyed painting.

Returning to the class in progress . . . As the students form the dough into pretzel-like shapes, they laugh and tease each other about their bagel-making skills. They are all friends and enrolled in the class not only to learn how to make and form bagels, but to have some fun as well. As they prepare to drop the doughy shapes into the boiling water, Smith shares yet another secret with them: “Add a little sugar to the water,” she says. “It helps in browning and forming the skin of the bagel.”

Amie Bakery is at 3 Wianno Avenue in Osterville. The store is open daily. For more information, visit amiebakery.com, or call 508-428-1005.