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Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

Contractor Corner Connecting homeowners to reputable contractors and service providers. Trevor Meyer has been immersed in the building industry on Cape Cod his entire life. Growing up with a draftsman father and an engineer brother, there haven’t been many family gatherings that didn’t involve shop talk—it’s no surprise that Trevor is a bit of a local expert on building, renovating and all things home improvement. After more than 15 years of work experience at top building firms, a two-year term as president of the Home Building and Remodeling Association of Cape Cod, and taking over his father’s design-build firm Meyer & Sons Builders Inc. in 2014, he has earned the reputation of being one of the region’s premier contractors.   Never one to rest on his laurels, Meyer opened Contractor Corner earlier this year. “Contractor Corner is a membership based network of curated service professionals that aims to connect homeowners to reputable contractors for any and all facets of construction, remodeling, renovation and home repair,” explains Meyer.  “I was inspired by phone call after phone call from frustrated homeowners telling me about their struggle to have work completed on their homes. They would tell me about missed appointments, lack of communication and unprofessional experiences. In my gut, I knew I had to do something to help.” In 2020 Meyer & Sons purchased and then renovated a rundown historic building at 852 Main Street in West Dennis. Quickly realizing the space was more than his firm required for company operations, Meyer set out to create a shared work space that could benefit other growing businesses in the area. “I’ve been mentored and encouraged by many others in the industry,” Meyer states. “It feels like a good time to give back and help others find their way to success.” For a small annual fee…

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