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Shorethings: Chasing Away the Winter Blues… and ushering in the springtime hues…

Amid a winter New England storm, Summerland Homes & Gardens moved a few doors down to their new showroom in Osterville and are eagerly awaiting the warmer days of spring when the village comes to life. Tucked into a quiet enclave at 831 Main Street, the design studio and shop are where owner and design principal Michelle Woeller and her team offer inspiration, guidance, and expertise to homeowners. A curated collection of home furnishings in inviting colors and textures immediately spark a discussion of how something new might augment or transform their homes.

The team at Summerland is hard at work during the off-season, so that their clients’ homes are ready to be fully enjoyed during the precious warmer months when entertaining and relaxing are at the top of everyone’s list. 

Woeller’s use of color, whether as a predominant theme or an accent, spans the range from soft, watery hues to dark, inky blues. “Color conjures up a reaction in most anyone, so we listen when our clients express how they want to feel in their spaces and how particular colors support those feelings. That’s the starting point for our color palette. We are also sensitive to the home’s location and are inspired by the colors of nature that surround it. 

We are currently working on three lake houses, and those color palettes are quite different from our beach house projects. We’re still using palettes of greens, blues and neutrals, but in different tones and intensity. Here on the Cape, there are colors that easily identify with this kind of coastal environment. But the key is to not be predictable. There are as many ways to interpret your surroundings as there are shades of color on the wheel.”

Woeller’s love for design isn’t confined to the inside walls of her…

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