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Home theater by Audio Video Design

The 149-inch Stewart Cinemascope screen, LED-lit columns and color-changing cove lighting, and fiber optic ceiling help create an authentic movie theater experience.

AVD envisions a home theater of cinematic proportions

It is not unusual for homeowners to create a room or space in their house that is devoted to a specific hobby or interest—designed for no other reason than to feed their soul. Many times, these rooms become a sanctuary—a place to escape, rejuvenate, reflect or be entertained. Some homeowners have turned the basement of their home into a man cave of sorts, with sports-related paraphernalia adorning every wall and a television screen so large that viewers feel like they are sitting on the 50-yard line while watching football games. Others have chosen to build oversized garages to house their collection of antique and classic cars while also serving as a place to tinker. Cinema enthusiasts, on the other hand, prefer a space that provides an authentic theater experience while at the same time offers all the comforts one has come to expect when watching movies at home. Such is the case for one West Dennis homeowner, who transformed the lower level of a guest house on his riverside property into a state-of-the-art movie theater, complete with top-of-the-line acoustics and seating choices that could rival any commercial cinema.

From the LED lights in the floor’s risers to the fiber optic lighting in the ceiling to the acoustics that emanate throughout the 600-square-foot room, this design is a movie buff’s dream. Stadium-style seating that accommodates three rows of rich, beautiful leather incliners, including two chaise lounges, with the capacity to seat 16, as well as a nearby wet bar, offers family members and guests the ideal space for watching movies or playing on video game consoles.

An equally impressive part of this project is the choice of technology, which includes a JBL Synthesis system, which uses all of the latest formats along with a state-of-the-art Sony Laser Projector. This one-two punch of audio-video technology engulfs the viewer for a truly extraordinary cinematic experience.

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