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Home theater by Audio Video Design

A view from the front of the theater details the hand-stretched fabric panels and the high-quality European leather seating. Chaises in the front row allow for even cozier viewing and snuggling up with loved ones.

The project was a collaborative effort between Audio Video Design (AVD) of Osterville and Westwood, Encore Construction of Dennis Port, CinemaTech of Dallas, Texas, and Barbara Kotzen of Kotzen Interiors. While CinemaTech provided the seating designs and Kotzen chose the fabrics and soft materials in the space, AVD combined all of the audio and video technology used in this design onto one platform, a Control4 integration system, offering ease of operation so that whether family members are using a tablet, smart phone or controller, every setting is at their fingertips. AVD System Designer Kyle Tripp says this easy-to-use system is one of the elements that really sets this home theater apart from others, making it a winning design. Last year, the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod awarded the project a Silver BRICC Award for Use of Smart Technology, and the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston gave it a Gold PRISM Award for Smart Design.

As exciting as the audio and video systems are, one of the biggest wow factors in this room is the customized leather seating. Tripp says the homeowner chose all top-of-the-line products for this part of the design. ACT 1 incliners from CinemaTech, which are ergonomically designed to provide balanced support while watching movies, also feature headrests that adjust to provide customized support to maximize the quality of surround sound experiences. Glass tables that pop up from the armrests are a much more upscale version of yesterday’s metal tray tables.

Though the award-winning project is inspiring, it was not without its challenges. “Almost as soon as we got started, we ran into a few setbacks and we knew this was going to be a bigger project,” says Tripp. He says when the HVAC system was being installed, it affected the design of the theater, which required redesign of soffits, speaker placement, fiber optic lighting as well as the room’s mechanicals. From great challenges often come great opportunities, and that was the case here.

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