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Home theater by Audio Video Design

A glass of wine and a great movie—what better way to spend a night in?

By far, he says, one of the biggest challenges was isolating the room—ensuring that the sound and vibrations did not bleed into any other parts of the house. Thanks to “Star Wars” Director George Lucas, Tripp says, since the 1990s, surround sound has been an integral component of any audio-video experience, and it is especially important when building a home movie theater. But with such a sophisticated acoustical system comes the drawback of noise infiltrating other rooms of the home. While fabric-covered wall panels could offer one solution for containing sound, keeping it from emanating through the theater’s ceiling required some ingenuity.

At the recommendation of CinemaTech, the team turned to a company called Kinetics Noise Control, which specializes in acoustics for residential theaters and provides solutions for achieving sound control. Their solution was to create a so-called “floating ceiling.” Kinetics provided the materials so that Encore Construction could build it. “It’s a ceiling created on suspension. When acoustic pressure swells, the ceiling will push up and down slightly, to keep the sound from bleeding into the room above,” says Tripp.

The creation of this floating ceiling gave way to another wow factor in the room. Color changing lights built into the soffit along with fiber optic lighting gives the illusion of a starry night. With the push of a button, the movie theater almost achieves the illusion of a planetarium.

Though the space is devoted to movie watching, it easily accommodates other activities, including listening to music. “The room employs one of the most sophisticated sound systems and has speakers dedicated to various levels strategically placed around the room. It is the 3D of audio, and the space provides a better listening experience than quality CDs,” Tripp says.

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