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Silver Screen Dream

North By Northeast, Nauset Heights

Alternating large and small dormers punctuate the facade while the octagonal tower and towering chimney anchor it.

Another important concept that PSD uses in their homes centers on variations in scale. DaSilva explains: “There are few original ideas in any art form. This is one that isn’t really pursued much in architecture today: Buildings are most successful when they display multiple scales—small, medium and large. To have some very large windows and some very small ones makes a home more interesting, more anthropomorphic. Because it is similar to the human body, we relate better to the mixed scale.” In North By Northeast, PSD used this idea to create a variety of experiences. The massive windows that line the ocean side of the home provide a connection with the elements. In contrast, tiny dormer windows in the walk-in closet of the master bedroom and in other nooks of the second floor confer a different sensation. To DaSilva, “A small window in a small dormer gives a sense of protection.” PSD also brought the home’s irregular exterior inside, at least thematically, with extrusions in the stair hall ceiling that mimic the brackets. Even the weathervane, a massive whale wrought of steel substrate clad in sheets of copper, capitalizes on mixed scale, and it points in the direction of hyperbole. Because this piece is not a sculpture, and because it is nearly two dimensional, it becomes more a symbol of a whale than a recreation of one. “PSD custom-designed and made this weathervane based on an early colonial idea; these were originally smaller, cut from a single sheet of iron,” DaSilva notes. The magnification of the whale not only allows it to stand more prominently, it also creates yet more symbolic references to aesthetic choices, to practical function, and to the history of the Cape itself.

In contrast to its location in Nauset Heights, North By Northeast is practically a new home. Dolores Alberti notes that the final pieces of furniture arrived in 2017, and the owners really only used the house briefly during the summer of 2018. While they had hoped it would serve as a family gathering place, their plans have changed, so it is now for sale. The 4,422-square-foot home features an open floor plan that includes dining, kitchen and living areas. The first floor also contains a master suite, a den, a mudroom leading into the garage, and the two porches. Upstairs, a nautical-themed bunk room can sleep five, and there are two full guest rooms. Alberti notes, “The grand master bedroom is really its own private wing.” This incredible space includes walk-in closets, dressing rooms, a master bath with a view of the Atlantic, and the bedroom itself, which expands into the second story of the “lighthouse” tower. Here, the reflex angle of the view bends well beyond 180 degrees. The octagonal cupola is window-lined to draw in the sun, the moon and the stars, functioning in a kind of inverse to a true lighthouse. “It’s such a beautiful property,” says Alberti, “and very few houses are situated like this one with its view of both the harbor and the ocean.”

North By Northeast is listed
by agents Dolores Alberti and Susan Winslow at

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