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Courtesy of Crown Point Cabinetry

Archambault praises the upscale Farrow & Ball line. “We started using this product because of its eco-friendly components,” she says. “It doesn’t hurt that it has a wonderful palette of colors, applies easily, and offers a finish that is uncompromisingly beautiful.”

Archambault notes that the paint line is a favorite among designers, not only because of its application and the way the light reflects on the surface, but because it is a true color regardless of where it is purchased. “The paints are mixed in the United Kingdom by the Farrow & Ball colorists, so there is control over the color,” she says.

“Because it is being mixed by Farrow & Ball and not by individual store employees, the color is consistent across the board—whether you are buying a gallon of paint in England, or here in the United States.”

Another popular trend in today’s kitchens is the combination of two seemingly opposite design styles, creating a unique and eclectic look. This homeowner certainly wasn’t afraid to follow that trend.

While blue Shaker cabinets above glossy, mini subway tiles on the backsplash flank the perimeter of the kitchen, a reclaimed wormy chestnut island with white granite countertop takes center stage. “The rustic design of the island picks up on the country style of the kitchen table. The stools at the island are an exact match with the chairs at the table,” Archambault says.

In keeping with the rustic style of the island, Fritz chose oil-rubbed bronze hardware. “I love the Shaker-style cabinets with their clean simple lines juxtaposed with the rustic style of the island,” Fritz says.

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