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Courtesy of Crown Point Cabinetry

She points out that the distressed look of the wormy chestnut resembles driftwood, in keeping with the beach-cottage theme she was seeking. “Driftwood is such a reflection of the casual beach design style,” says Archambault.

Distinctive custom cabinets complemented by a carefully chosen paint color are only one part of this successful design. The layout of the cabinets and the provision for plenty of storage space—both open and hidden—is another key element in Crown Point’s design. A beautiful, yet functional built-in cabinet in the back hall with 18 cubicles is every bit chic as it is sensible. With beach towels filling six of the compartments and country -style wicker baskets that hold necessary, but not always pretty to look at items such as books, pails and shovels, flip flops and sunglasses, dog toys, and fishing gear, the remaining 12 cubicles provide space for lots more items. Two floor-to-ceiling closed cabinets on either side of this cubby area make up for the lack of closet space in the home. “We use those for hanging jackets and other things,” says Fritz.

White cabinets creating a knee-high wall separate the kitchen from the family room—all without compromising the open floor plan. This custom cabinetry does double duty, providing additional storage space. Within the family room, three floor to ceiling built-in shelves separated by two window seats flank one side of the room, providing even more storage. “We have games and toys in there for the kids. Everything is still at hand, but is out of sight,” says Fritz.

Of all the amenities that were added to the kitchen and the home during the renovation project, Fritz says it was showcasing the views that made the most impact. “I just love the kitchen-family room combination,” she says. “I am so happy we were able to move the kitchen from the back of the house to the front, while opening the space up. It allows us to enjoy the beautiful views and to really appreciate where we are.”

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