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Photography for Good

“Small Works, Big Cause” helps photographers of Nantucket give back to the beautiful community that inspires them

Zofia Crosby

The Nantucket Daffodil Festival weekend is known for its bright flowers, brighter outfits and the promise of sunny, beautiful summer. But the weekend is about more than just flowers and dresses; it’s about a community coming together to celebrate the end of a long winter and rejoice in the warm sunshine. This year, make sure to stop by the Handlebar Café, not just for a cup of coffee, but also to support local artists and a great cause. Since 2015, the Photographers Alliance of Nantucket (PAN) has hosted “Small Works, Big Cause,” a photography exhibit at the Handlebar Café during the Daffodil Weekend. Prints are available for purchase, and all the proceeds from the show go to a different cause each year. PAN has lent their support to local charities such as the Claudia Kronenberg Scholarship Fund, the Marla Ceely Lamb Fund, the Fairwinds Counseling Center and Dr. Lepore’s Addiction Solutions of Nantucket. This year, the fundraiser hits even closer to home for PAN members by raising money to help pay for a fellow photographer’s medical care. All prints are 8” x 8” and are $40. The show will run from April 24th through May 10th. In the following pages, PAN shows you the quality of work you can expect to see at the Handlebar Café this Daffodil Weekend. 

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