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Special Spaces: Chatham Beach Bar Cabana

Special Spaces: Chatham Beach Bar Cabana, Summer 2017 Cape Cod HOME |

Next up in our exploration of Special Spaces is a backyard playground for adults. The backdrop is the second home for a couple with adult children, all in the energetic stage of life where they are poised to make their way in the world, but not so far from when they came home for the weekend with their laundry. When the homeowners decided to update the pool deck and surrounding landscape of their backyard, the project goal was to create multiple areas to socialize and enjoy the space. Designed by architect Anthi Frangiadis and built by AP Kimball Construction, the Beach Bar Cabana certainly elicits smiles from everyone who pulls up a stool to the custom wooden longboard bar. A comfortable dining area and raised patio for the fire pit completes the setting for fun, laughs, and family gatherings for years to come.

When not working on quality homes and renovations for their clients across the Cape, the team at AP Kimball Construction is always willing to challenge creativity.When a busy family in Chatham asked for something whimsical, they steppped up. Working with a landscape backdrop created by Hawk Design and Schumacher, Peter Kimball created a dynamic gathering spot for an active family.

“The homeowners wanted the area around their pool to be completely casual and inviting so that they and their adult children could relax and have the kind of weekend fun that everyone would look forward to all summer,” Kimball says. The introduction of such a unique structure as a “beach bar cabana” has certainly fit the bill. Not only is the cabana a whimsical place to sit, sip and socialize, details of the craftsmanship are always a topic of discussion. The bar counter, fashioned from a custom-designed wooden longboard by local surfboard shaper Shawn Vecchione, is a real conversation starter. “I wanted to create a surf shop environment, and Shawn turned out to be a real artist,” the owner says. “He embraced the project and took it to a level beyond what we imagined. The surfboard bar is the anchor for the whole design.”

Inside this weatherproof, fully functional kitchen, the team plumbed in a refrigerated space dedicated to beer kegs and two taps, perfect for a hot summer pool party.

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