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Building memories on Wequaquet Lake

cottage Wequaquet Lake

A remodeled cottage on Wequaquet Lake is now one family’s dream home

What makes a house a home? It’s the unforgettable memories made. It’s the quality time spent with loved ones. It’s the comfort of simply being surrounded by those loved ones. Simply put, it’s family.

Family brought Cape washashores Eric and Simone to Centerville in the summers of their youth—and family brought the two back to Centerville years later, as husband and wife, to share summers with their two children in a modest cottage on Wequaquet Lake. Modest is putting it mildly when describing the cramped, 1,092 square-foot shack-like structure that lacked not only space but also a dishwasher, insulation and air conditioning. “I’m not kidding, by the time we went home in September, everything was wet,” says Simone, whose family’s primary residence is just outside of Boston. “You would get into bed and the sheets were wet, your clothes were wet, because there was no way of getting rid of the humidity. For a while, it was kind of like camping there.”

Nonetheless, the cottage was a beloved family gathering place with 15 years worth of cherished memories—but the family did eventually outgrow the space. “We just busted out of the old place,” Simone says. “And I think I was tired of doing dishes!” In November of 2014, work began on a complete rebuild.

Simone and Eric enlisted Orleans-based firm Architectural Design and principal architect Peter Haig to craft a casual, comfortable family cottage where everyone can be together and enjoy lakefront living. Having already lived in the area for quite some time, Simone says she and Eric knew exactly how their family lived there—and what they wanted. “We met with several architects, and they already had in their heads what they were going to build, but they weren’t really listening to what we wanted,” Simone says. “Peter got it immediately. He listened really well and was the only architect who walked the whole neighborhood to see what else is here. We’re in a very eclectic neighborhood because there are a couple of the old cottages that have been here forever, but more and more now people are rebuilding.”

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