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Writer: Jenna Ellis

Nick Mitchell is the owner and operator of Mitchell’s Landscaping, LLC, whose business has been booming for over 22 years. Located in Harwich, Mitchell’s Landscaping, LLC serves mid to lower Cape properties, maintaining and providing a multitude of services that will help customers create the perfect sanctuary in their own homes.  234 Queen Anne Road, Harwich · 508-394-2213 · mitchelllandscapeconstruction.com Mitchell explains the importance of choosing the right plantings for your property and the difference it can make adding “colorful planting throughout the seasons of the year.” One of the more well known and beloved summertime planting, especially for Cape Codders, is of course, Hydrangea.  One of the primary focuses at Mitchell’s are installations, which are, as the name suggests, any manmade structures built from landscape materials. “A big part of what we do is hardscape. Planting is something that can compliment all the hardscaping work we do. The different colors throughout the season give a beautiful look to all of the stonework,” says Mitchell. He adds, “A lot of people like the look of fieldstone, and we work with fieldstone a lot as a feature for a wall veneer work. It has a perfect Cape Cod/New England hardscape feel. We also utilize cobblestones a lot as well,” Mitchell remarks.  Creating a space that you can use during the day, but also at night has become increasingly popular. Mitchell spoke on the importance of creating exterior light. Low voltage lighting is perfect, and we are able to light up all of the hardscape areas, and even much of the planting beds to compliment them all night long.” Clients can take comfort in knowing, “that everything runs on automatic timers so it’s very easy to operate.” Customers seeking a full package and installation will find Mitchell’s to be fully accommodating to…

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